UvA lanceert nieuw MA-programma.

In september 2015 zal de Graduate School of Humanities haar nieuwe MA-programma in Hebrew and Jewish Studies lanceren. Dit een jaar durende programma richt zich op de Joodse cultuur en intellectuele leven van de oudheid tot het heden en biedt studenten de mogelijkheid om zich naar eigen keuze te specialiseren. De student zal samen met de studieadviseur en docenten een eigen traject met tutorials en keuzevakken opstellen.

MA program in Hebrew and Jewish Studies – University of Amsterdam

Starting September 2015, the Graduate School of Humanities will launch its new MA program in Hebrew and Jewish Studies. This one-year program focuses on Jewish culture and intellectual life from antiquity to the present, and offers students the possibility to specialize in a field of their choice. The program specifically aims at graduate students who wish to prepare for a PhD in Jewish studies or consider a career in the Jewish heritage sector (libraries, archives, museums).

Individual program
Following a general theoretical and methodological seminar, each student will take tutorials and/or electives in subjects related to his/her desired area of expertise. The students together with the study advisor and tutors will draw up their own trajectory. The staff participating in the program cover a broad range of subjects, periods and approaches: Second Temple period and ancient rabbinic Judaism, medieval culture, with particular emphasis on philosophy and history of the sciences, early modern and modern cultural and intellectual history (including Amsterdam’s Jewish past), book history, Modern Hebrew and Israeli literature and culture, and Yiddish studies.

Stimulating environment
The program is situated in a city rich in Jewish life and infrastructure. Local institutions include the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, the Ets Haim/Livraria Montezinos, the Jewish Historical Museum, and the Municipal Archive. Together the University of Amsterdam and these institutions host extensive collections, ranging from primary sources to contemporary scholarly literature and material objects. We maintain excellent connections with other departments within the university as well as other academic and Jewish institutes, where students can find additional expertise.

Applicants should hold a BA degree in Hebrew and/or Jewish studies. A thorough knowledge of Hebrew (and of Yiddish for those who wish to specialize in pre-modern and/or modern Yiddish culture) is required. Candidates who hold a BA in another field but wish to continue in Jewish Studies are advised to contact us directly in order to discuss the possibilities.

Information and contact
Check the university’s website for general information (gsh.uva.nl) on issues of application, deadlines, etc. If you consider joining the program, do write directly to us in order to discuss your plans and prepare your stay. Please write to both Prof. Shlomo Berger (s.z.berger@uva.nl, program director) and Prof. Irene Zwiep (i.e.zwiep@uva.nl, study advisor). We look forward to receiving your e-mail and help you plan a future study in Amsterdam.

Shlomo Berger

Irene Zwiep


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